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Belleville - Tarot card reading looks for hidden answers

Tarot Reading
Freda Crake is known by the name Freya when she reads Tarot Cards. 'The energy of the name brings in more balance,' she explains.

Freya is an intuitive and has been reading cards for over 20 years. Born in Belleville she has just moved back to the area and is glad to be home. She does readings at Green Willow at 240 Pinnacle on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and across the river at the Hair Team at 256 Coleman on Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

'I span the water,' she smiles. 'I want to help revitalize Belleville. I am here to help.'

She said when she first came back and saw Front Street she cried. It wasn't the way she remembered it when she was a girl growing up here.

She has spent 50 years at the corporate level in major corporations and has a very diverse background. She has been intuitive since a child and has used that psychic ability to read energies in people.

'I got fired from five major corporations,' she admitted. 'I was outspoken about the treatment of females.'

Freya reads three different kinds of Tarot cards and has been trained by the Grand Master of Tarot in Canada. She is certified by the Canadian Tarot Network. She reads from the Gilded Tarot, the Daughters of the Moon and the Rune Tarot with Celtic symbols. She is working on her masters degree in Tarot. The name Freya comes from the Norse goddess and is used as the oracle to help her do the readings.

'Freya will accept any question,' she says. This could be about your life journey, your finances, loves, relationships, making choices, self-improvement, health, the future, wish fulfillment or karmic connections. She also does Tarot parties in your home.

Meet the world's strongest clown State fair comes to the

Tarot Reading
"All you little kids who want a clown nose can some see me after the show," Buffo said, looking out at a sea of laughing young faces. "You just better have your cash up front!"

Buffo's joke in many ways set the tone for the attendees of this event. They may have been at a state fair, but they were still in edgy New Jersey.

The Jersey version of the state fair, which goes on until July 9, is not unlike others around the country. There are hot sausage and lemonade stands, Ferris wheels, pig races, petting zoos, acrobats, lions, tigers, and soon-to-be Fourth of July fireworks. But one of the things that make New Jersey so unique is the quirky people that it attracts. The state fair is no different. Mike Phillips is a Weehawken native who now lives in Rochelle Park. He has been working the classic test-your-strength event where fairgoers can slam a sledgehammer down on fixed point in order to hopefully ring a bell twenty feet up in the air. The results are both predictable and amusing for him.

"Some big muscle guy came up here and got a 32 out of a possible 150 point score," he said. "His friends were really ragging on him. It was pretty humiliating."

A visit to a tarot card reader can either be humiliating or exhilarating, depending upon your level of belief in the supernatural. Sandra Ristick has been reading palms "forever", growing up in a Gypsy family that immigrated to New Jersey from Romania over 30 years ago. "I tell people how long they are going to live and things like that," she said. "People seem to accept what I say. I guess that's what life brings."

Life brought Frieda Tobin and her husband Maurice up the New Jersey Turnpike from Willingboro in south Jersey to the Meadowlands for the fair. "We came to see the fair for the first time this year," she said. Her husband, a state employee, saw the fair advertised on his pay stub. "It mentioned that if you went online to get tickets, you could get some good hotel deals," he said. "So here we are. It's a great deal, and it's a good way to spend quality time with my little girls."

His little girls Matrice, 4, and Tierra, 7, agreed. "We love it!" they said in chorus before they ran on to another ride.

In order to truly take a ride on the wild side at the state fair, a trip to watch the Mohawk-wearing Buffo in action is absolutely mandatory. Buffo knows that he is a clown on the edge.

"That's right I'm the world's strongest clown," he said. "There's not much competition. The rest are just a bunch of sissy clowns. I've been kicked out of all of the clown organizations as a result."

Buffo, whose real name is Tommy Toman, has been before bright lights before. He was a professional baseball player in the organizations of his hometown Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago White Sox, and the Houston Astros. After Toman finished a baseball career that included marrying his high school algebra teacher at home plate, he taught blind and deaf students for seven years, obtaining a masters degree in special education. During that time, Toman performed by chance at a school event and found his true calling. Buffo has now been a clown for 27 years. He performs around 500 shows a year, and has taken his act as far as the White House three times. "They told me there that I was so much better than all those clowns that just make balloons."

In his act, Buffo does whatever it takes to make the crowd happy. He will tear telephone books in half. He will juggle bowling balls. He will lie down on a bed of nails. He will walk with lit matches stuck between the toes of his bare feet. But for Buffo, the best part of the job is when he can take some of life's pain away.

"Sometimes parents come up to me after the show and tell me that they just got their kid out of the hospital," he said. "They say that I took them all to some place where they didn't have to worry about anything. This is a great job."

Buffo acknowledges that the New York/New Jersey area can be a tough crowd. After the last show of the day, a group of teenage fairgoers arrived to question Buffo's true strength. "We'll bust you up," they claimed.

Female Athlete of the Year: Competitive spirit fuels DeLuca

Tarot Reading
The Tarot card reader at Hillsborough High School's Project Graduation party pegged Ali DeLuca to the letter.

"You're a very intense person, aren't you?" she said to DeLuca, who nodded in agreement.

"You're a very competitive person, aren't you?" Another nod.

"You like to win?"

Yeah, you could say that.

Maybe the Tarot card reader saw DeLuca attacking the various activities at Project Graduation like it was Armageddon eve. She dusted a few friends in HORSE. She flung herself around in volleyball. And then there was the joust, in which two rivals try to knock each other off platforms with huge padded sticks.

"If she fell down, then she HAD to get back up and go kill whoever knocked her down," said good friend Danielle Iwanechko. "And she did."

That was par for the course for DeLuca, who led the Raiders' girls basketball and lacrosse teams to a combined record of 39-9 this year. As a point guard in hoops, she was Somerset County Tournament MVP and played in the statewide North-South All-Star game. As a midfielder in lacrosse, she tallied 118 goals and 57 assists and earned All-America status.

"She's very aggressive, has a big heart, plays with a lot of energy and a lot of pride, and obviously she's physically gifted -- she's very quick, very fast," Hillsborough girls basketball coach Jim Reese said. "But the mental part of the game -- she has a tremendous desire to win, and she approaches everything that way."

DeLuca pleads guilty to this trait.

"I feel like my competitiveness is just instinct in everything I do," she said. "I'm probably the most competitive person you'll ever meet. Sometimes it gets a little intimidating, and my friends are like, 'Oh man.' "

Iwanechko, who played lacrosse with DeLuca for five years, knows that feeling.

"We always play pingpong and she needs to win in pingpong," Iwanechko said. "Any game you play or anything you do, she has to be No. 1."

Chalk up one more No. 1 today, because DeLuca is the Courier News Female Athlete of the Year.

Bad elbow? No problem

All you need to know about Ali DeLuca is visible on her right elbow, which has been bruised and bumpy since the beginning of basketball season in December.

"I just kept banging my elbow every game, and every game it kept getting worse," she said. "Now I have a huge bump on my elbow that won't go away."

The bump doesn't hurt anymore, but it hurt like crazy during the winter. That didn't stop her from diving to the floor for loose balls. It did limit her shooting ability, but she still managed to put up 12.9 points, 5.5 assists, 5.0 rebounds and 4.0 steals per game.

"The trainer would wrap it and put a pad on it, but before warm-ups even started, I had to take it off," she explained. "I'd go over to Mr. Reese and say, 'I can't play with this,' and he said, 'We had a bet that you wouldn't last 10 minutes with that thing on.' "

It's no coincidence that once DeLuca's elbow starting feeling better, the Raiders ran off 12 straight wins, capturing the Somerset County Tournament title in the process.

Perhaps most impressive, however, was how DeLuca seamlessly juggled the demands of the long basketball season with those of an All-America lacrosse candidate.

"It takes up a lot of your time, but I'm just crazy about sports," DeLuca said. "I thought about quitting basketball and just focusing on lacrosse, but in reality, basketball kind of prepares you for lacrosse. If I played in a winter league (in lacrosse), it's still a competitive game, but it doesn't have the intensity of a high school-level game."

DeLuca played in summer leagues in both sports. She attended the team camps and did the individual work.

"Even though basketball was her second sport in terms of her future, she never acted like it was her second sport," Reese said.

Leaving her mark

Ali DeLuca picked up lacrosse in eighth grade, and in her first game, she scored three goals in a 3-0 victory.

"She barely knew what she was doing on that field, but her athletic ability took over," said Hillsborough girls lacrosse coach Beth Murrin, who coached the middle school team that year. "Instinct is totally, 100 percent on her side."

DeLuca flourished as a junior, posting 101 goals and 57 assists as the Raiders went 20-2 and won their first Somerset County Tournament title. This season she kicked it up yet another notch, finishing as the third-leading scorer in New Jersey history with 320 goals and 150 assists.

"She plays at a different speed than any other player we've gone up against," Murrin said. "She's got incredible ability to change direction and explode with power. And she works equally hard at developing both her left and her right hand. Teams that try to guard her by taking away her right end up regretting it."

DeLuca's finest moment came in the sectional semifinals against West Morris. Hillsborough trailed 11-7 with six minutes left in the game, but DeLuca scored a goal -- her seventh of the contest -- then assisted on four others to lift the Raiders to a 12-11 triumph.

"Our confidence was down a little bit and we just needed to regroup," DeLuca said. "We didn't want to leave that way."

Instead, DeLuca leaves one of the most decorated female athlete in Hillsborough history -- and with a 3.7 grade-point average to boot. She will play lacrosse at the University of Pennsylvania next year, and don't be surprised if she makes big splash there, as well.

That was in the Tarot cards, too.

Staff writer Jerry Carino can be reached at (908) 707-3247 or at jcarino@gannett.com

The Heart of Tarot

Tarot Reading
On Deck

Cartomancy, or fortune-telling with Tarot cards, is an art as old as the hills. There are many theories tracing its origin in history. One claims that the practice is derived from a group of gypsies, while another assumption insists that the Chinese introduced the Tarot, which they brought from the east. Although both ideas are plausible, experts agree that the Knights Templar, an ancient military order, was responsible for the worldwide spread of Cartomancy.

A Tarot deck looks similar to a regular pack of playing cards. It has four suits numbered from ace to ten, but instead of clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds, the Tarot suits are wands, cups, swords and pentacles. In addition to these Minor cards are the Major cards also known as the Major Arcana. They do not belong to any suit and they possess their own numbers.

The principle behind card reading is not complex. If there are more Minor cards than Major, then the person's destiny is in his hands. If the opposite shows up, then the person's future is governed by fate. Each card has a specific meaning. For example, the death symbol represents transformation. It can be seen as signal of a great change in life or perspective. A skilled Tarot reader knows all cards by heart and understands the importance of corresponding combinations.

A number of these skilled readers work at different levels, but all of them are referred to as a counseling center for people in search of fulfillment. Today, numerous tarot card readers, not to mention skilled ones, offer a plethora of services, including dream interpretation and self-help workshops.

High school junior, Tiffany Mae Esponilla shares that she is interested in the field of psychotherapy. Tiffany discovered fortune-telling when she was only 12 years old. She admits that, as a child, she found the intricate cards attractive. Though the unusual hobby did not sit well with her mother, she pursued her love of Cartomancy and remained an avid supporter of the Tarot. It is her fascination with the cards' beauty that inspires her to believe in its so-called power until now.

In Tiffany's opinion, the success of a reading depends as much on the one seeking answers as it does on the reader. 'You only use the cards as a trigger, I do not let it control my life. I still believe in the power of prayers,' she says.

The primary purpose of the Tarot is to stimulate thought and inspire insight. A deck staple, like the King of Swords, can have multiple interpretations. A reader's job is to decide which interpretation works best for a client. Once this is achieved, a free-flowing discussion eventually follows. A single session can cover a myriad of topics. It's ultimately up to the client to resolve how far the cards will go.

The goal of every reading is to reach a certain level of enlightenment. The cards, through their symbolisms, can tell a lot about people, making them more aware of themselves. It is this self-awareness that spurs change. A reading can be productive regardless of the outcome of a shuffle, because even a bad omen can serve as mechanism for improvement.

Tiffany believes that everybody possesses the potential to be readers, she herself would want to be one. "The only prerequisite in learning the secrets of the Tarot is the desire to do so. It takes a lot of passion to comprehend the cards that some people spend their entire lives trying to master," she shares.

'Our mind has the ability to affect things,' says Tiffany. She assumes that all human beings possess a special form of energy also known as aura. A person's aura determines the result of every draw from the deck.

Her philosophy is that cards are not just random variables. Instead, Tiffany believes that they are symbols influenced by our thoughts. Tiffany herself, dismisses the notion that Tarot readings are absolute predictions of the future.

According to her, a reading is more an assessment of one's life rather than a disclosure of things to come. She likens the cards to tiny pieces of mirror which, when put together, reflect a person's life and state of mind. "Among all the many sessions I have been into, the readers usually do not specify by giving descriptions of dates, people, or events. The only thing they can offer is advice based on the session and their client's reactions," she says.

In the end, Tiffany hopes people will get rid of all their discriminations toward the Tarot. She understands the controversy surrounding the practice, especially when placed alongside religion. Tiffany is Catholic and she swears that her interest in the Tarot does not collide with the Christian faith. 'You always try to be connected with the Almighty because they are the ones guiding you,' she says. 'He is the one guiding me, not the reader.'

Sofia,* a political science major changed her outlook on the Tarot. She had always been afraid of divination because she found the concept too mystical and pagan-like. Luckily, Sofia's curiosity won over her fear and she finally decided to go to participate in a card reading. After the procedure, Sofia realized that no magic or evil was involved in the activity. It was simply a counseling session with a man trying to help her figure things out. She discovered that her energy was supposedly attached to her chosen cards and for a moment, everything made sense.

The reader gave her an affirmation card with words she was supposed to recite every morning. She realizes that the reading may have actually helped her out; she felt more in control of herself. 'I feel empowered,' she says.

This feeling of empowerment is exactly what all readers want their clients to feel. It is with this belief that the world is not beyond a person's control. Indeed, there are incidents that cannot be avoided. But these accidents should not derail people from reaching their goals in life. While the Tarot and its practitioners may never be accepted in society, they will always be around as long as there are those who believe.

McNEILL: What's The Matter With ECW

Tarot Reading
Crazy Vince's writers lifted the whole ECW attitude of the mid 90's for their renaissance in the Monday Night Wars, but it's obvious that Mr. McMahon never understand why wrestling fans of the era were so attached to the product. Here's a brief list of reasons why the new ECW is already behind the 8-ball with its target audience.

The music. In the original years of ECW, from 1994 to, say, 1997, WWE and WCW were using generic cartoony music for its wrestlers, while ECW was using recognizable tunes by well-known bands. WWE solved its music problem during the Attitude Era. Now ECW has a problem of its own. For example, The Sandman can't use his old theme song, 'Enter Sandman' by Metallica, due to the exorbitant rights fee. That's unfortunate. What's more unfortunate is that WWE hasn't taken any measures to fix the problem. Despite the fact that WWE has had several weeks notice of the situation, the company hasn't sent music guru Jim Johnston into the studio to put together a new theme song for the former Extreme champion. Nor has WWE bought the rights to any other well-known tune in order to fill the gap.

The vibe. The allure of ECW was that it wasn't part of a big corporation, like WWE or WCW. It's difficult to sell ECW as a distinct entity when its television show is taped after Smackdown, but that affects the live crowds, not the folks watching on the tube.

To give an example of what's wrong with the ECW vibe, take a look at the quickie vignettes promoting the upcoming ECW debut of Test. "Test" is one of the dumbest gimmick names in WWE history, coming from the Russo era where the promotion was handing out loser monikers like "Meat", "Mosh" and "Mideon". For a moment, let's leave aside the fact WWE doesn't see any problem with the "Test" name. Part of the genius of ECW, back in the day, was the repackaging of former WWE and WCW talent to fit the promotion. When Scott Levy left WWE and started in ECW, he and Heyman switched his identity from "Johnny Polo" to "Raven". It would be one thing if Andrew Martin were a huge success in WWE, but he wasn't. He should be given an entirely new wrestling name and gimmick before he ever gets back on your television screens.

The hype. ECW is supposed to be "a new breed unleashed", right? I mean, the slogan is used at least a dozen times per episode when the program airs on Sci-Fi Network. So, where's the "new breed". All I see are a group of ex-WWE performers and guys who couldn't cut it on the couldn't cut it on the national wrestling scene. (The readers can sort out of themselves who falls into which category.) Theonly new faces I've seen on ECW television so far are Mike Knox, Kelly the Tease, Shelly the tarot-card reader, Mordecai with the Fake Teeth and The Zombie. Can't wait to rush out to your local house show and check those hot acts out, can you? New breed, my ass.

The Characters. Speaking of Kelly the Tease, she's an excellent example of the differences between the character development of the HHG version of Extreme Championship Wrestling and the WWE version. ECW was built around making fun of the sports entertainment characters of the day. WWE gets that part, which is why they've had Sandman attack the Stupid Gimmick of the Week every Tuesday night. But WWE's gimmick ideas aren't any better. Barbie "Kelly" Blank is supposed to be an exhibitionist, but an actual exhibitionist would walk out to the ring naked, not perform a half-assed striptease. Vince Russo was an awful wrestling booker, but even he watched enough Jerry Springer to know what an exhibitionist is. WWE divas show more skin every Monday night than their Extreme counterparts. Unless Kelly gets a revamp, that gimmick is dead in the water.

The wrestling. Outside of Sabu, there's no difference, none at all, between the ECW style of in-ring work and the WWE style that you'll see on Raw or Smackdown every week. If WWE is comfortable with their match style, that's perfectly okay. But the ECW clips that are airing in commercials for the Sci-Fi program aren't from recent episodes, or even from ECW One Night Stand. Those clips are from the salad days of ECW, from 1994 through 1999. Vince McMahon wants the crowd reactions that come from that style, but isn't willing to turn the "extremists" loose.


Pat McNeill of Fairfax, Virginia has been a Torch columnist since February 2001. He's hoping for more good starts from Ervin Santana in 2006. VIP members can enjoy his "Real Deal with Pat McNeill" audio updates every Wednesday night.

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Students seek star marks of a different kind

Tarot Reading
With competition increasing, a growing number of students are running to tarot card readers and astrologers to foresee their prospects. The two most common queries are 'How much will I score' and 'what should I do next'.

Eugenia Ramaney, a professional psychic and a tarot card reader, says tarot reading also involves a lot of counselling. 'A number of students have been trying to know what their percentage would be. They also ask us which career is best suited for me and so on. With tarot card reading, I can come to know their vibrations and since I also do aura reading, I give them accurate results,' she says.

Tejaswini Mirji, also a professional tarot card reader, has collegians at her doorstep too. 'Students wanted to know which stream they should opt for, what their CET results would be and which will be the most rewarding option for them,' she said.

Meena Shah, who has been practising tarot claims she has transformed many a career. 'One of the students who came to me for a reading wanted to do fashion designing, but through tarot, we came to know that an MBA would be a better option. The girl took up the course and is doing really well today,' she said.

Asteroid has near-collision with Earth: scientists
Frings suspended for World Cup semis
Three drown as heavy rain lashes Mumbai for the 3rd day
US soldier charged with killing, raping Iraqis
Crack found in Discovery's foam insulation
Road, rail traffic hit as rain water floods Mumbai
Top World Cup coaches face date with destiny
World Cup semifinalists ready for battle
Rooney and I are still friends, says Ronaldo
North Korea test-fires four missiles

Pomegranate juice could stem cancer
Drivers on cellphones are like drunk drivers
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Capital gains bonds are back ' with a cap
Key facts on world's highest railway
New Delhi sees more LTTE attacks
Asteroid has near-collision with Earth: scientists
Road, rail traffic hit as rain water floods Mumbai
Britney Spears poses nude for Harper's Bazaar
Sequoia in $400 m India equity fund move

Last 7 days

The future 4 years possible for Queens fortune teller

Tarot Reading
The arrests were made one day earlier at three locations in the Astoria section, where the women violated state law that requires all readings be done for entertainment or amusement purposes only, authorities said.

The three suspects weren't amused when they discovered their clients were undercover police officers taking part in a sting operation. The probe began in March.

"The defendants themselves apparently suffered vision deficiencies as they could not see themselves being prosecuted on fraud charges in their futures," Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown said.

According to Brown, the suspects were Sabrina Martell, 42, Dorothy Miller, 53, and Rose Miller, 73, all of Queens.

Martell was charged with grand larceny, scheme to defraud and fortune telling. The Millers, who are not related, were charged with petit larceny and fortune telling. All were awaiting arraignment.

Martell, who operated under the name Readings by Julia, told one undercover agent that she could eliminate evil spirits for an additional $900 on top of her usual fee, prosecutors said. A second undercover officer was told that a $1,300 payment would return her wayward boyfriend, authorities said.

Martell was arrested after taking a $1,100 payment, Brown said.

Dorothy Miller, aka Reading by Elena, offered a discounted price of $275 to $375 for evil spirit removal, Brown said. Rose Miller, billed as Psychic Readings by Rosa, charged $35 a pop for psychic tarot card sessions that would foretell the future, Brown said.

The investigation was ongoing, and Brown encouraged victims of similar crimes to contact his office.

The district attorney did not need a crystal ball to guess at the defendants' futures. Martell faced up to four years in prison if convicted, while the Millers faced one year apiece.

Touched by angels

Tarot Reading
Jenny Taylor talks to angels. And they talk to her. She helps other people connect with their own guardian angels. Taylor can make that simple declaration because she is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner. You can be forgiven if you don't know what that means.

Taylor is, after all, the only one for miles around. She was at Books and Company last Wednesday, talking with a room full of people who wanted to talk to angels.

Maybe they did.

'Angel therapy is a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with a person's angels and archangels to heal and harmonize every aspect of life,' Taylor explained.

'This is not an everyday thing,' she said, 'I talk to angels and dead people.'

Taylor was born and raised in Prince George. She worked at the university for eight years before changing her life's direction.

'I felt that I need more contact with people,' she said. 'I wanted to make a difference in people's lives. That's when I discovered angel therapy. I found that's what makes me happy and I believe I was guided to do this even before I got started. And I know that I've been guided by angels all my life.'

Taylor doesn't claim any supernatural powers 'C just a desire to make connections.

'I believe everybody can connect with their angels. There are different ways people can communicate with the divine,' Taylor said, explaining that she uses a pendulum such as a crystal when asking questions.

'If you see a stone or crystal and you want it, get it. It's very personal. They're fun.'

Taylor became fascinated with angels after a chance (or destined) meeting with colour therapist Collette Freeman. 'I call her an authentic life coach. She did a reading for me and I pulled a card for Serephinia who is an angel of new additions. I was pregnant at the time.'

Her fascination turned into readings for friends and family. Then she took courses from spiritual doctor of psychology and fourth generation metaphysician Doreen Virtue who has written 20 books about angels and other mind-body-spirit issues. Several papers later, Taylor was a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner with her own business, Divine Moments.

She does angel readings in person, by phone or email. Unlike Tarot card readings, angel readings are always positive and encouraging.

'Angels always have a positive message. You will know when it's angels. You may get a pleasant, warm feeling around you. We all have at least two angels. A guide and a guardian angel. Everyone has angels whether you like it or not 'C and whether or not you listen to them.'

6/20 ECW TV: Caldwell's ongoing Alternate Perspective review

Tarot Reading
- We begin with a lady dressed in goth sitting at a table surrounded by candles backstage. She said Paul Heyman delivered a message last night on Raw. After placing down a tarot card, she said Sabu taught John Cena "extreme." She said RVD and Angle face Orton and Edge tonight. Good change of pace opening to set the line up for the show. We're already better than last week.

- After the ECW intro aired, they panned an obviously WWE crowd with plenty of kids and families in the arena.

As Sabu prepped in the ring, they showed a photo closeup of John Cena's bloodstained eye from last night on Raw. Tazz said ECW has vixens, not divas. Three minutes in and Joey Styles plugged ECW TV being the highest rated show on cable TV last Tuesday. They tried to make the arena look different with very dark, dim lighting. Mamaluke drove Sabu to the ropes then Sabu springboarded off with a leg smash. Sabu drop kicked Mamaluke off the apron to the floor. He flew off a chair in the ring onto Mamaluke on the outside. Vocal "ECW" chant ringside. Sabu pulled out a table and set it up ringside. Mamaluke recovered and threw Sabu into the ring. Mamaluke dropped Sabu on the mat then placed a chair on him. Mamaluke flew off the top and ate a chair when Sabu threw it into his face. Sabu placed Mamaluke on a table then hit an elbow smash through the table. Styles plugged Cena-Sabu this Sunday. Sabu took Mamaluke into the ring and applied the Camel Clutch for the tap out victory. Styles plugged Cena-Sabu one more time.

WINNER: Sabu via submission in 5:00. Pretty good action. Mamaluke isn't an established character, but he played good fodder for Sabu to hit some trademark moves and allow Styles to talk about Sabu's match with Cena at the PPV.

- Kelly, the inexperienced exhibitionist, said she was so excited last week that she couldn't get her bra off. She said she would show everything tonight. Oh dear.

- The camera panned up from the WWE Title to the ECW Title to RVD, who was wearing both belts around his waist. He said fans get to see him wrestle tonight with Angle against Edge and Orton. RVD said Edge is going to have his ass handed to him at Vengeance. He said both men would get an extreme ass kicking tonight. Rough promo.

- Big Show came out dressed to wrestle. Tommy Dreamer slowly entered the ring. Dreamer and Big Show went nose-to-chest in the ring. Dreamer took the mic and said Show was dominant last week. He said that if Show wanted to make a name for himself in ECW, then he would have to go through him. Dreamer slapped Show then Show delivered a series of hard right hands. Show knocked him to the floor then slammed him into the guardrail. He threw Dreamer into the ringpost. Dreamer fought back from his knees in the ring. However, Show drove Dreamer to the mat and pounded him some more. Show walked off and Dreamer recovered in the ring. O.K.

Here's your combination riff on Randy Savage and Nacho Libre. Macho did some self-deprecating lines mocking Randy. Sandman walked out from the top of the building to the ring. "Something, something, something, something, oh yeah," Macho said. Sandman caned him then hit the Russian legsweep with the cane for the win.

- An ECW referee told Paul Heyman that John Cena is in the building.

- John Cena walked into the building. He had a noticeable black eye. He walked up to a gang of ECW guys backstage. Heyman held back Sabu. Cena said he's tired of people jumping him from behind. He offered to have an Extreme Lumberjack match against Sabu at Vengeance. Cena told everyone to stare at his eye then he slowly turned around and walked off. No one moved. Solid segment and the live crowd responded to Cena.

- Kelly, the inexperienced exhibitionist, walked out on stage in a black top and black boy shorts. She took forever to take off her top, milking the moment for a while. She unhooked her bra, which was fastened in the front. She placed her hands over her breasts for the second straight week then turned around to face the camera. She turned back around then a man walked on stage and covered her with a towel. He glared towards the fans then smirked and walked off with her. Completely random. I hope there's a point to using two minutes of TV on this.


Edge and Lita came out first. Edge said ECW sucks. Randy Orton came out. Edge and Angle started things off. Angle took Edge down with a double leg take down. RVD tagged in and crotched Randy on the top rope. He knocked Randy to the floor then hit a moonsault off the apron onto Randy on the floor. Nice spot. Back in the ring, RVD bounced off the ropes, but Lita pulled the ropes down and RVD flew to the floor.

Back from the break, Edge and Randy worked on RVD. Edge shoved RVD through the ropes to the floor and RVD crashed head-first into the guardrail. Back in the ring, RVD escaped Edge and tagged out to Angle, who cleaned house. Lita interfered to save Edge from tapping out to the Anklelock. Randy came in and chopblocked Angle. Edge and Randy worked on Angle's knee. Angle countered out of nowhere with a chokehold on Edge, but Lita broke it up. Angle rolled over to his corner and hot tagged to RVD, who hit dropkicks on Randy and Edge. All four men fought in the ring then Lita entered the ring to defend Edge. Angle answered with the Angleslam on Lita to a big pop. RVD brought a chair into the ring, but Randy grabbed his legs from the outside. RVD drop kicked Orton and Orton slumped to the floor. Edge went for a spear, but RVD side stepped him and hit an elbow. Edge slid to the mat and RVD hit Five Star on Edge for the win. Afterwards, RVD and Angle posed in the ring. They hugged and Angle smiled.

WINNER: RVD & Angle in 15:00. Amazing improvement over last week's main event. Sure, it's still WWE...and a former ECW star...but it was compelling TV. The goal is to build up ECW using WWE stars until ECW can establish its own stars to feud within the brand. They're slowly moving in that direction, but it's still WWE on ECW. They need to feature the ECW guys in more compelling roles with an opportunity to succeed. RVD and Sabu are getting that chance, but that's only two out of fifteen. Good build to Vengeance.

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Psychics Charged

Tarot Reading
The complaint additionally charges that the defendant told the second undercover that someone had given her mother something bad to eat when she was inside her mother's womb and requested $1,300 from the undercover to bring her ex-boyfriend back and fix a jealousy that another woman had on her. On one occasion, the defendant allegedly performed a purported ritual to determine if God's will was present; specifically, the defendant had the undercover tie three knots on a string, which were allegedly gone when the defendant rolled the string up into a ball. However, the undercover observed the defendant switch the string. The defendant was arrested on June 27when the undercover handed the defendant $1,100 that she had allegedly previously requested.

Finally, it is charged that on March 21 and March 28, 2006, the undercover officer entered Rose Miller's business establishment at 37-17 30th Avenue, which had the words "Psychic Readings by Rosa" on a wooden stand outside the entrance. On each occasion, the undercover allegedly paid the defendant $35 for a psychic tarot card reading and the defendant made purported psychic predictions after stating that she could tell the officer's future. In all three cases, it is alleged that the defendants never stated nor there were signs anywhere on their premises indicting that their psychic readings or services were for entertainment purposes only.

District Attorney Brown noted that the investigation is continuing and requested that victims of similar crimes come forward and contact his office. 6-29-06

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